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Manticore is a covert military operation at the beginning of the 2000s
Started and is still active. The objective of the project is an army of
Superhuman killing machine. Their mission: enemies of
Manticore and the United States to eliminate.

Manticore Project is housed in a genetics lab in Gillette, Wyoming. The scientists there were using recombinant DNA to create an advanced infantry soldier.


Scientists from Project Manticore biologically modified human
Ova and planted in fetuses substitute mothers - young, female, paid
Recruits . It was recombinante DNA technology,
which in the genes of children add genes of different animals.
For example: cat genes, which makes them a very high level of agility.
The technical term for these children is chimera, which mixed genes
bearing organism means.


It was the perfect "Super soldier ", instead of conventional 1000
Soldiers you send into battle, from them youl, for example, 100
loses, it will send 10 soldiers of the X series and lose no one. So
the originally idea.





Colonel Donald Michael Lydecker

A soldier with a mission: To reclaim, by any means necessary, the group of gifted children that slipped by him years earlier.

Donald "Deck" Lydecker is the head of Vivadyne Research, a think tank that develops military applications for a mysterious syndicate. A Vivadyne laboratory in Wyoming developed Project Manticore, the experiment that created the X-5 prototypes. Born in 1968, Lydecker had a promising career in the military, eventually receiving the rank of Captain. After the tragic death of his wife, he developed a drinking problem, and was honorably discharged in 1995. After rehabilitation, Lydecker became obsessed with Darwin's survival of the fittest philosophy, seeing genetic advances as a means to make it a reality.

Eventually he came into contact with a corporate syndicate who shared his vision. They felt a genetically superior individual with military training would be perfect for doing their dirty work, hence, Project Manticore was born. Lydecker oversaw the training of the test subjects but despite his best efforts, was unable to eradicate a genetic flaw which caused them to suffer from a serotonin deficiency. The escaped X5 use tryptophan which, for example, in milk
Contained to the contrary effect.


The project was suspended after the X-5 division escaped after a revolt. In the years since the escape, Lydecker has corrected the seritonin defieciency and recaptured several of the Manticore subjects, which he uses for political assassinations. He seeks to bring the project to the next phase, and keep the rogue X-5 members from falling into foreign hands.





Duty. Discipline. Strength. In order to acheive the preceding, the X-5s will be trained in:

UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE:  A wide range of military and paramilitary operations conducted in enemy controlled or politically sensitive areas. This includes proficiency in guerrilla warfare, evasion and escape, subversion, sabotage, and other operations of a low visibility, covert or clandestine nature.


DIRECT ACTION: Covert or overt action against an enemy force. This may require raids, ambushes, or direct assault tactics. This will include proficiency in explosives, demolition's, emplacement of mines and other munitions. The ability to conduct standoff attacks by firing, from air, ground or maritime platforms, designate or illuminate targets for precision-guided munitions, support for cover and deception operations or conduct independent sabotage normally inside enemy occupied territory. The ability to seize, damage or destroy a target by field expedient means. Qualified to capture, recover personnel or materials in support of strategic objectives.


RECONNAISSANCE: By means of infiltration behind enemy lines the ability to provide the commander with intelligence on the enemy or to gather information on the terrain, military and civilian populous. This will include full knowledge and proficiency in enemy weapons, armor and aviation assets. This will also include the ability to gather meteorological, hydrographic, geographic, and demographic data, provide target acquisition, area assessment, and post-strike reconnaissance data.




X5 was genetically engineered using feline DNA. This gives them:

· Enhanced strength, speed and agility
· Telescopic and night vision
· Hyper-sensitive hearing
· Superior mental processing skills
· Catlike reflexes/dexterity
· Strong lung capacity (can hold their breath for 4+ minutes)




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