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-------->Pictures from the People's Choice Award<--------

-------->Pictures from the  Dark Angel Premiere<--------


  • 2000: Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television - Jessica Alba in Dark Angel
  • 2001: People's Choice Award for Favorite Television New Dramatic Series
  • 2001: TV Guide Award for Breakout Star of the Year - Jessica Alba in Dark Angel
  • 2001: Tenn Choice Award for Choice Actress - Jessica Alba in Dark Angel
  • 2001: Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for Best Cinematography in a TV Series


TV GUIDE - Matt Roush 9/8-14/01
"Max is a great heroine."

USA TODAY - Gary Levin 8/24/01
"FOX's DARK ANGEL seems to have sparked a trend in TV drama this season: the empowered young female hero..."

TIGER BEAT - Sept. 2001
"The beautiful, butt-kicking Max and her could-be boyfriend Logan continue the fight against corrupt government agents."

NEW YORK POST - David Zurawik 8/4/01
"Jessica Alba enters her second season kicking butt and taking names on FOX's DARK ANGEL."

BALTIMORE SUN - David Zurawik 7/29/01
Max is "One of the hottest new characters of last season."
"Jessica Alba plays a genetically engineered woman with attitude."

TV GUIDE - J. Max Robins May 5-11, 2001
"FOX's first bona fide sci-fi hit since The X-Files."

TEEN PEOPLE - May 2001
Jessica Alba chosen as one of the 25 Hottest Stars Under 25

JUMP - Spring 2001
"We can only dream that our future will be this fun."

ASSOCIATED PRESS - David Bauder 4/10/01
"Dark Angel made Jessica Alba a star."

CHICAGO TRIBUNE - Alan Johnson 3/23/01
The character of Max included as one of the 10 best characters of the 2000-01 television season.
"She's Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a mean streak"
"...a sarcastic, slick and sexy attitude that is the sassiest on TV."

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - Benjamin Svetkey 3/16/01
Jessica Alba is "Sci-fi's siren for the next generation."
"With a potent one-two punch of futuristic fisticuffs and good old-fashioned sexiness, Dark Angel's Jessica Alba is giving FOX its greatest sci-fi success since The X-Files."
"FOX's most successful sci-fi show since The X-Files."
"Dark Angel is one of most sociologically diverse shows ever to integrate the airwaves, with a character for virtually every demographic."

DREAMWATCH - March 2001
"Meet Jessica Alba - television's hottest new action star."
"Cameron has done it by mixing the sober feminism of his Terminator and Aliens characters with the sexed-up Girl Power of a Britney Spears concert."

GLAMOUR - Feb. 2001
"No doubt about it - this angel's career has wings."


written by: willtipin

The escape was not my idea. I mean, escape to what? We didn't know there was anything else ...

With these sentences begins one of the best and most outstanding Science Fiction series of the past years, which brought within only two seasons a high level that one has rarely seen up to now.

Responsible for the extremely high quality and the success of the series are, first of all, two persons: Creator and producer James Cameron and the great Jessica Alba, who has immediately conquered the heart of millions of fans with her wonderful performance of Max..

In the pilot's film, which David Nutter ("Disturbing Behavior") produced, the spectator is perfectly introduced to the world of Dark Angel.  The America of the future is characterized by a terrorist notice of chaos, corruption and violence, where each one tries to somehow struggle on its own and find its luck. Max, who was bred in the gene laboratory "Manticore" and escaped ten years ago with her brothers and sister, works now at the bicycle courier service Jam Pony and tries, besides, to find them because she doesn't have any contact with them anymore. Chased by Colonel Lydecker which would absolutely like to catch his "kids" again, she tries to lead a normal life and shake off the shades of her past. When Max wants to steal a valuable statue during the night, something completely unexpected happens. She meets the idealist Logan Cale who will change her life in a way that she didn't consider possible up to now...

Already, right at the beginning of the series, the enormous potential becomes clear which still hides itself behind the story. Also, the characters of Max and Logan have been written extremely well and have been developed, so that the identification factor is rather high. What makes these characters so "real" is the individual pain which drives them, their moral sense of responsibility and their suppressed longing for love and affection.

In addition, there are outstanding and emphasized dialogues, a unique atmosphere, luxurious backgrounds, imaginative action and the two sympathetic actors Michael Weatherly and Jessica Alba between which the chemistry is correct from the beginning.

A quite special highlight is also the scenes on the Space Needle when Max tries to process the events and to win lucidity for herself.

These scenes were done with a very emotional music which pulls out a mixture of pain, hope and melancholy immediately in their spell, and which returns very successfully to the basic mood of the series.

"Dark Angel" is still something quite special in the television landscape and luxurious, carrying away and sensitively produced stories which will definitely inspire one quite often. And they will probably remain unforgotten for good...

"Life goes on." - Max


Articel by John C. Snider

Starring Jessica Alba as Max, Michael Weatherly as Logan "Eyes Only", John Savage as Lydecker

Last year, FOX TV's Dark Angel introduced us to Max, a young woman working as a bicycle delivery person in a post-apocalyptic Seattle.  She's a genetically-engineered soldier on the run from a secret government program called Manticore.  Aided by Logan, an anti-corruption crusader known as "Eyes Only," Max finds a handful of her "siblings" who are also in hiding, all the while evading capture by a Manticore-operative named Lydecker.  Toward the end of Season One, Lydecker becomes an uneasy ally to the fugitives, even helping them stage an assault against Manticore and its new leader, the mysterious Madame X.  During the assault, Max is fatally wounded in the heart.  At the last minute her "brother" Zack shoots himself in the head, sacrificing himself so his heart can be transplanted into Max.

"Designate This," Season Two's first episode, opens some time later, with Max now a prisoner of Manticore, resisting their attempts at re-indoctrination and plotting her escape. No one in the outside world (including Logan) has any reason to believe she's still alive.  

Meanwhile, Logan continues his quest to expose government/corporate corruption, and especially to destroy Manticore.  Unfortunately, Manticore has made a connection between Lydecker and "Eyes Only," but they don't yet know that "Eyes Only" is Logan.  Manticore offers Lydecker a chance to redeem himself, but for reasons of his own, Lydecker foils the attempted assassination, in the process unwittingly compromising Logan's secret.

Back at Manticore, Max is horrified to learn that Zack (or what's left of him) is being kept on life support for god-knows-what purposes.  And while doing a midnight reconnaissance in advance of her break-out, Max discovers an underground "Island of Dr. Moreau" containing imprisoned human-animal hybrids that are the result of Manticore's earliest experiments.  Among them is Joshua, a human-canine who befriends Max and helps her escape.

Max returns, much to Logan's surprise, at the very moment Logan has publicly leaked Manticore's location to the public.  When Max finds Logan, she quickly discovers that she has been infected by Madame X with a customized retrovirus designed specifically to kill Logan.  Risking re-capture, Max rushes back to Manticore to confront Madame X and retrieve the antidote (if there is one).

When Madame X learns of Logan's news leak, she initiates a pre-planned destruction to cover-up Manticore.  In the ensuing chaos, Max barely manages to retrieve the antidote and save Logan.  And at the last minute, Joshua and some of his fellow hybrids escape, along with a number of "X-7's," the latest line of super-soldiers who are easily a match for Max.  

Whew!  It seems to me that "Designate This" squeezes enough into one episode to fill a whole season!  I'm not sure why Dark Angel's writers chose to cram so much into such a tight space.  Certainly any of the multitude of plotlines - Max's interment, the discovery of the hybrids, Logan's despair over the loss of Max, Lydecker's situation - could have been explored over several episodes.  As it stands, the episode is entertaining, but seems a bit rushed.  Still, there are plenty of unanswered questions to fill Season Two.  How can Max be sure she won't infect Logan again?  What really happened to Zack?  Is Madame X alive?  How many X-7's escaped?  How many of Joshua's hybrids?  What about Lydecker?  Now that Manticore knows who Logan is (and where is lives) what will happen?

Tune in on Friday nights and find out!  Dark Angel is still one of the best SF shows on TV.


Nana Visitor takes new role as an evil Madame X
New York Times Special Features (April 2001)

Sometimes, something seems simply meant to be.

A bizarre thing happened, said Nana Visitor, Deep Space Nine's Major Kira Nerys, who returns to the genre with a recurring role as Madame X on Dark Angel. My children were watching Cartoon Network the night Rene Echeverria (former DS9 and current Dark Angel co-executive producer) called and said, `We'd like to put you on tape for this character.

That night, after I put the children to sleep, I turned the television on and the credits for Dark Angel came up, she said. I didn't know much about the show and didn't know what time or day it was on, but what was really strange to me was that the kids had been watching Cartoon Network, not Fox. So the television kind of said, Here, you're going to watch this show, she said. I got to see it and know what everybody's been talking about.

Visitor will debut as Madame X on April 24 in an episode titled Pollo Loco. The character's arrival has been teased in recent weeks, as people around Lydecker (John Savage) repeatedly mentioned Madame X's displeasure that Max (Jessica Alba) and the other Manticore escapees are still on the loose.

Deck is worried about the way things are going, and all of a sudden the doors open and I appear, Visitor said in a phone call from the apartment she shares with her children and husband, DS9 co-star Alexander Siddig. I say, `Hello, Deck, and I don't think he's too thrilled to see me, but I don't notice that. I sit right in his chair behind his desk and give him hell.

Madame X is involved with Manticore, she said, but I can't tell you yet whom I actually work for because, evidently, there's a lot more to Madame X than meets the eye. I'm not being coy, Visitor said. That's all I've been told. Technically, Madame X is Lydecker's boss, but beyond that there's a lot of gray area. She does call him Deck, so I'd guess they've got some sort of history, but I don't know what that is.

Visitor signed for five episodes of Dark Angel and, if the show returns next year and if her character works out, she'll be back for a second season. My whole career I've wanted to be in my 40s playing a character named Madame X, Visitor said. I can't tell you how much I love that.

She's e-v-i-l-l-l, she said. She's bad. Think a more sophisticated, politically savvy Intendent (Kira's malevolent DS9 alter ego) and you've got an idea of what Madame X is like. Madame X has no redeeming qualities, and I'am going to have fun with that. Turning to the past, Visitor says that she misses DS9. But, on the other hand, seven years was a long time.

I'll always love the character and the people, but I got a big drink of Kira, Visitor said. Since the end of DS9, Visitor has kept busy on the home front, raising her two sons. On the professional front, she has provided Kira's voice for the DS9 CD-ROM game, The Fallen. Visitor said she enjoyed The Fallen, returning her Kira mode quickly and easily. But when asked if she thinks she donned Kira's uniform for the last time in the DS9 finale, she initially says nothing.

I don't think about that a lot, Visitor finally said, but when you put it to me that way, my reaction is no, I haven't played her for the last time. I don't know why, but I don't think I've played Kira for the last time.



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