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Release Date:  Nov 18, 2002

System: Playstation 2 and Xbox

Publisher: Sierra Entertainment


James Cameron's Dark Angel takes place during the second season of Dark Angel, immediately after the fall of Manticore. Players take control of Max Guevara, a genetically-enhanced super soldier. The fall of Manticore has placed Max at an emotional crossroads and she determines that she must find and help all of her fellow X5 soldiers who were also on the run from Manticore. On the side, she also helps her friend and ally Logan Cale (alias "Eyes Only") root out and stop corruption in the local government.


"Dark Angel" is a fairly basic, straight-forward fighting game, with an emphasis on stealth. Because production was rushed, the levels are usually straightforward point-A-to-point-B missions. As the levels, the enemies and the bosses get harder, a greater emphasis is placed on stealth and it can get particularly tricky to finish a level because if you are caught even once by security, you have to replay the entire level.

Also due to rushed production, the graphics can be fairly murky, the camera angles can sometimes distract, and there are only about four combos to master while playing as Max.


The "Dark Angel" video game was geared as a sort of gift to fans as it was released shortly before the show's cancellation. Players can unlock extras and interviews, photo galleries from the show (mostly of Jessica Alba, the actress who portrays Max). Also, the entire original cast agreed to come back and lend their vocal talents to the game, grounding the game somewhat within the realms of the television show. Costumes and outfits are also taken mostly from the show.

"Eyes Only" segments use the same graphics and voice-overs that were used during the show, as well, and the game for the most part doesn't depart from what is considered canon from the original show.

Canonical issues

Many fans criticized the game for having an unrealistic timing; if the game were actually set immediately after the end of Manticore, the game would have had to take place during the end of one episode and immediately during the break between the next episode, causing some fans to disregard it from "Dark Angel" canon entirely.

Most of the complaints, however, were from the somewhat formulaic aspects of the game as well as the lackluster graphics and bosses due to the studio's rushed release in order to release the game before the official cancellation of the series. Despite all of this, many fans bought the game as a way to continue the show after its ending.



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