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The Dark Angel Network


 What is the Network and what should it cause?

We from Dark Angel Network pursue the objective for a 3rd season or a movie of James Cameron's Dark Angel. Those from Fox suppressed the series in the year 2002 on the 17th of May and it didn't have an acceptable end for the fans, too many questions were simply left open. According to Fox's website, there first had to be a 3rd season. But this wouldn't remain like this; within 1 week, FOX had undecidedly changed his opinion and the broadcasting station broadcasted another series (Firefly). Now, we are in the year 2006 and most of the fan websites gave up the hope for a return of Dark Angel, some because there wasn't any hope anymore!?  The others because the number of visitors of the websites had gone down. But what would it be if there was still a possibility nevertheless.

"Dark Angel United" wants with the "Network" pack websites fans from all over the world into an international network which reaches not only a few 100 people, but the fans throughout the whole world. With various actions the Dark Angel Network also plans to independently take contact with the actors later. TOGETHER we are strong and TOGETHER we can maybe do it. We can also plan later, to take contact with the USA on the protest action spot for us to pay attention. For example, connected with the Barcodeday. That's why a manifestation is planned in the future, on the spot in L.A., in front of the Fox building, with the protest letters of the fans which would be personally handed over.

Fans from all over the world are already members in the Network Forum, and it constantly becomes bigger. You also find out everything that is planned at the moment, and on what it is based. Each fan can help in it and bring his ideas. Various fans have already supported us in their own way.

Besides, we can help at any time to translate the texts in the forum into various languages. So that really all the fans throughout the world, no matter which origin und languages, can participate.

 An objective should pursue all this.

To bring them back...



The present members of the "Network":

   Webmistress: Maxie

  Webmaster: Schacka

 Webmaster:  Saahm23

      Webmaster: Stevie

The others will follow...



The first action of the DA Network:

On the 21.04.2006 I came across a link on an English website that Fox managed. There was a vote where it was asked which old series you want to have back. Basing itself on it, Fox broadcasted again the series Family Guy. The network immediately reacted and began to spread the news throughout the whole world. A text had been written, it came from us and it was posted in guest books and forums from DA websites. Even masses of mails were sent to DA fans. The longest one had more than 600 receivers. Fan communities from all over the world helped in it.

This announcement had some success very quickly. Even though, there were many connection problems with the website voting and the server had some overloading problems, the number of percent of DA could massively be increased during the first days. On the 21st of April, the action was known among the DA fans. We went up to 4,8%, and exactly 12 days later, the 3rd of May, the vote had ended and we won with 34,5%. An unbelievable increase in such a short time. An amazing victory for us, the fans. On one side, thanks to each one even if you voted only once, or like us from the network, during 1 week; the nights fought for the ears in order to vote as much as possible. Thank you very much also to those who helped to make this thing known. Unfortunately, there wasn't any reaction from Fox for it. But as long as there is Dark Angel-United and the Network, we will continue.

Grafic by Dark Angel Italia


Text is translate in english by Laura

The Dark Angel Network is also connected on the following sites. Feel free to add us or join the groups there when you have a account at one of these sites.







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December 24 2011 00:04
..ich wünsche euch allen Fans von Dark Angel ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr Smile

November 14 2011 00:46
Neue Umfrage im Forum!! New Vote at the Board!

May 10 2011 06:43
heute abschicken Smile

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December 30 2010 21:58
Ich will euch nochmal einen Guten Rutsch sagen an alle Smile

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December 24 2010 00:18
Ich wünsche euch allen ein frohes Weihnachten und einen Guten Neue Jahr Smile Merry Christmas

December 21 2010 20:33
xD hello all -.- .can some one bring back dark angel as my xmas presant lol Grin

December 18 2010 21:55

December 02 2010 20:44
hallo bin jetzt der zweite der angekommen ist ha ha ...stimmt die Seite war viel zu lange weg ,aber besser wie gar nicht ,jetzt ist sie doch wieder da Smile

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