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The Barcodeday



What is the Barcodeday?
With the Barcodeday (BCD), we, the fans want, FOX and especially Chris Alexander, remember that we still love Dark Angel and have not forgotten this Series. On this day should FOX receive a flood of letters with the words "WE DID NOT FORGET" and the request for a 3rd Season or even a final film.


When is the Barcodeday?
On 17th May, the date on wich Dark Angel in the USA has been canceled.


When I must send my BCD letter?
Fans from Europe must send them 7 days earlier, as exact on 10th May. Not earlier and not later, hence all letters arrive at the same time.


Where I have to send the letter out?


Chris Alexander
Corporate Communications & Publicity
Twentieth Century FOX Television
10201 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

This is the the current executive vice presidents of Twentieth Century FOX Television in the field "Communications & Publicity". He is responsible for the public opinions in all "Prime Time" series and the development of those, also for the "Late Night" program and creative strategies for the station. Exactly this field, which Gail Berman has 2003 worked for when she has canceled Dark Angel.

What should I write into my BCD letter?
It is quite leave you, but surely there are a few things you should keep in mind:

- The Heading "We didn't forget"
Outside on the envelope, your sender on it, in any case. Anonymous letters will usually go immediately to the dustbin
- The Barcode of Max has to go in the letter. This was used since the first BCD. And so it should also remain. Print it on paper
   and cut out as many you can. Put them all into your letter.
Let's "bomb" FOX with Barcodes!!!

- Please no death threats, indignities or Blackmail please ;)
- Important is that the envelope looks from outside normal. So
don't write things like "Barcodeday" or "Dark Angel" on it. No Barcode on the envelope, but rather direct on the letter.
- You should anyway justify why you demand a continuation of the series (as a Movie, TV-Film, more Seasons or a final Season), that there are still many fans in all over the world.
- Absolute you have to write in
Englisch!!! For help with it ask your friends, family or in the internet to translate words and sentences.


Facts and figures about Dark Angel:

  • Fox counts 6, respectively 11, million fans in the USA, but Dark Angel has millions of fans uncounted all over the world, in all the countries where it was sent - this potential is useful!!
  • Leave a few expensive effects scenes, where Max swings from house to house are great, but not imperatively necessary.
  • If Fox needs more spectators, they should change the transmitting time in the USA, FOX gave the second season the worst broadcasting time ( Friday night ,also known as "Friday night death slot", when the audience is not at home), but Dark Angel had nevertheless more spectators then every other broadcasting station at this time.!!!
  • Dark Angel is one of the best and groundbreaking series of all time and has enormous potential wich could they bail out.
  • Don't forget the voting's on the FOX UK site from 2006 and 2007 wich Dark Angel has won clear. Information about it you can find here "Poll 2007" and here too "Poll 2006"


Please sign too these Petition.
These should be used on the Barcodeday!!!

The official Website from the Barcodeday is www.barcodeday.com from our dear Maxie


Examples of letters to be download:

- Examples of letters 1(von Sara)

- Examples of letters 2 (von JCFK)

- Examples of letters 3 (von Saahm23)

The example letters should only serve as ideas, please do NOT send the letters without modifying them.!!!

Pictures from:

Do you have more ideas and think they should belong here?
Than send me just a





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..ich wünsche euch allen Fans von Dark Angel ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr Smile

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xD hello all -.- .can some one bring back dark angel as my xmas presant lol Grin

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hallo bin jetzt der zweite der angekommen ist ha ha ...stimmt die Seite war viel zu lange weg ,aber besser wie gar nicht ,jetzt ist sie doch wieder da Smile

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