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Max, sometimes known as Max Guevara, is a cynical, tough, yet deeply caring teenager living in post-apocalyptic Seattle. She grew up under the iron fist of Manticore, a nefarious government program that created bio-engineered human beings with enhanced physical and mental powers. Ten years after she and her "siblings" escape from this installation, Max becomes an ally of cyberjournalist/freedom fighter Logan Cale. She engages in vatious heroic, highly dangerous missions while aiding her fellow Manticore escapees.

Logan Cale


Logan Cale is a fearless and idealistic cyberjournalist who battles injustice on many fronts. Dedicated to his "Eyes Only" underground movement, he crosses paths with genetically-enhanced Max and persudes her to use her remarkable abilities in his ongoing struggle against evil and corruption.
Shortly after meeting Max, Cale was the victim of a gangster's bullet that left his legs paralyzed. A transfusion of Max's "super-blood" temporarly enabled him to walk again. Currently, a unique exoskeleton now gets Logan on his feet from time to time.

Original Cindy

Original Cindy is Max's best friend at Jam Pony, the messenger service where they both work. For this young woman, style is everything and she makes up her own as she goes along. Street-wise, fearless and a clear believer in the idea that there's no such thing as coming on too strong, she knows how to handle herself in nearly every situation. Original Cindy possibly comes from a military background and is curenntly Max's new roommate.


Loose-but-loyal Sketchy is another one of Max's messenger service pals. He's interested in bicycle stunts, girls, drinking to excess and his girlfriend Natalie, arguably in that order. Before landing his gig at Jam Pony, Sketchy enjoyed brief stints as a pet photographer and a mobile sidewalk sign. He also spent one summer hiring himself out as a paid experimental subject for the Seattle Psychiatric Institute, and his friends sometome wonder of this explains his behavior.


A huge fan of the Great Communicator and other noted Republicans, dispatcher Normal Max's boss at Jam Pony. He's a Type-A personality, constantly stressed out and always griping. It's clear he's never adjusted well to life after the Pulse, and dreams of a world where messengers respect their occupation, not to mention their boss, packages are delivered on time.
Some say Normal fakes his "heart of stone", but truly and deeply feels for his rag-tag workers. Others believe he's a genuine creep.

Colonel Donald Lydecker

Donald Michael Lydecker - "Deck" to those neares and dearest - is a decorated soldier, whose life changed dramatically following the death of his beloved wife. This led to alcoholism, rehabilitation and eventually a new, hardened attitude. "Survival of the Fittest" became his no-nonsense philosophy of life.
Lydecker was put in charge of Project Manticore, overseeing the training and development of genetically-enhanced children. They escaped from his grasp in 2009 and he is determined to reclaim and protect them at all costs.


Zack on of Max's X-5 siblings, is perhaps the most volatile and committed of Manticore's genetically-enhanced super-beings. He masterminded their escape on that fateful wintry night in 2009, and it was thought at the time that Zack gave his life to save Max and the others. But this resilient X-5 survived.
Differing from Max who embraces er own humanity, Zack remained an escaped super-soldier, frequently drawn to the dark, therapeutic pleasures of danger and violence, until his seemingly final sacrifice to save her.

Alec / Ben

Another product of Manticore's genetic tampering, Alec is the identical twin of Max's X-5 brother Ben, who is now deceased. Unlike Ben, this handsome, wise-cracking Manticore escapee is unpredictable and sometimes untrustworthy. When Max was recaptured by Manticore, Alec was assigned as her breeding partner. Since Manticore's destruction. he keeks Max, Logan and the other freedom fighters on their toes.


An attractive but extremely dangerous, sadistic woman who seemed to relish evil, Renfro was Lydecker's superior. Unlike "Deck", who feels a twisted-yet-genuine compassion for his fugitive kids, Renfro wanted the renegade X-5s recaptured or neutralized by whatever means necessary. Amazingly, however, Renfro sacrificed her life in order to save Max, mysteriously revealing with her dying breath that Max possessess unique and valuable genetic characteristics.


Addicted to coffee and fond of drying lingerie on Max's prized Ninja 250, Max's former roommate Kendra seems to get along through a succession of odds jobs, barter and translation work (she speaks Japanese).
Together for some time, she and Max pooled their cash, along with the rest of their floor, to pay off the beat cops who allowed them to homestead the building. Ironically, Kendra eventually left their apartment to play house with Walter, one of the creepiest of these loser cops.


Asha is an old friend of Logan Cale's. and clearly yearns to rekindle their relationship on a deeper level. The two friends grew closer together when Max, held captive by Manticore, was believed dead.
Beautiful and intelligent, Asha can't help but be a thorn in Max's side, as both are rivals for the same man. A member of the S1W resistance group, she's also a spirited revolutionary and "Eyes Only" ally who frequently puts her life on the line for what she believes in.

Ames White

Ames White is a ruthless government agent with a no-nonsense agenda: wipe out Manticore's escaped transgenics using whatever means necessary. If there is a human side to White, as with Lydecker and even Renfro, it hasn't surfaced yet. However, an unrevealed personal motive seems to fuel his grim determination and hatred for Manticore's genetically enhanced soldiers. He'll stop at nothing, including blackmail and placing innocents at risk, to accomplish his mission.


Jamaican-born Herbal Thought is a devout Rastafarian. Part of Max's Jam Pony inner circle, he speaks a peculiar language born of English, street talk and his native island speech. Although he's known as the fastest rider in the company, Herbal Thought compensates by continually getting on Normal's nerves. He brings a heartfelt message of peace and stability to everyone within earshot...only don't mess with his girlfriend, mon!



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